Is Artificial Turf Safe for Kids and Pets?

Whether you’re a parent or pet owner, safety is almost always a top priority. At Decoplus, we value your safety as well as the safety of those around you. After all, our mission is to provide the best landscape solutions, which wouldn’t be possible without factoring in safety precautions! 

The first thing most people ask themselves when they see artificial grass is… “Is artificial turf safe for my children and pets?” The simple answer is yes. However, a lot of people want to know just how safe it is. To understand this, we must first dig into the composition of artificial turf. 

What is artificial grass made of?

Most artificial turfs are made of polyethylene. It’s the kind of plastic used to make children’s toys, grocery bags, and most common plastic household products. Polypropylene is also in the mix. This is commonly used for plastic utensils and microwavable containers. Nylon is also used for heat resistance.

If you’re asking are the typical composition materials of artificial grass are dangerous? No. Artificial grass is made from the same type of plastic that is used in common household products. We come into contact with these materials daily and there have been no proven harmful effects. If you think about it, turf is just plastic. There are no extra harmful ingredients used to make it that would put your safety at risk.

What is artificial turf made up of?

Artificial turf is made up of three major parts:

  1. Backing material that will serve to hold the individual blades of artificial grass.
  2. The plastic blades themselves.
  3. The infill, those tiny black crumbs, that helps support the blades.”.

What makes them harmful?

Those little black crumbs are the problems. Tires can be toxic.”

At Decoplus, we professionally test all of our products to make sure they are 100% lead free. We have all the testing certificates to prove it as well. This is why even when customers choose not to purchase from us, we always tell them to make sure that whoever they are buying from has the appropriate testing completed to make sure they are buying 100% safe grass products. 

Is artificial turf safe for kids?

Yes, definitely! Crumb rubber made from the ground up recycled tires is the culprit that makes artificial grass unsafe. These are the properties that give artificial grass such a bad reputation. The good news is: infill is optional. Also, there are natural alternatives to it, like crushed rocks. Artificial turf with toxic amounts of lead has usually been discontinued by turf manufacturers in recent times. We’ll discuss these more in-depth in the later paragraphs.

What’s important now is that you know that generally, artificial grass blades are safe for your kids. You can have artificial turf at home without crumb rubber endangering your lives. However, there is some low-quality turf grass out there. We don’t know what they’re made of, and we can’t vouch for them either. If you want to be sure that your kids are safe, go for manufacturers that pride themselves on being non-toxic and lead-free.

By offering non-toxic, lead-free, toxin-free artificial grass, Decoplus ensures not only your kids’ and pet’s safety but for yours as well.  At Decoplus, we stand behind our products, which is why we offer free samples and offer a full 8-year warranty.

Is Artificial Turf Safe for Pets?

Our Pets aren’t so different from our babies, are they? They’re all whiney poop machines who are constantly hungry for food and attention. But we love them all the same. If we could give them everything, we would. We want to know that an investment as big as artificial turf won’t be any harm to them. And hopefully, they’ll benefit from it as much as we will.

The key concern when it comes to pet safety for turf is lead. Nowadays, with so many options to choose from, many customers fall chooses cheap turf suppliers with shady materials. Some turf suppliers use cheap and harmful materials in their turf to keep their prices lower, which can be terrible for the safety of your pets. 

Does artificial turf cause cancer?

Studies show no conclusive evidence linking fake grass to cancer. However, there is a correlation between tire rubber crumbs and cancer risk. This is why we never recommend using rubber infill for artificial turf. A natural infill such as sand and stones is not only more aesthetic but also safer.

Stay away from crumb rubber infills!

Hypothetically, these tiny pieces of rubber float in the air when the playing field is used by athletes. Much like dust resting on a book when you tap its cover, the dust spews into the air and your lungs. Imagine a goalie diving to block a shot, rubber infill from underneath goes up in the air and into his face. He ingests them, or they stick to his skin. Since the rubbers are made from toxic materials, they negatively affect students and players on the field. 

So, is artificial grass toxic?

Generally, no. But of course, there is subpar quality synthetic grass in the market. These are dangerous! These can have unhealthy amounts of toxins and lead. And since they’re made with cheap materials, you have no guarantee that they weren’t made out of poisonous substances.

What is the best artificial grass for kids and pets?

Decoplus offers toxin and lead-free products! Plus, it’s eco-friendly too! We don’t offer crumb rubber as an infill; we go with sand and stone, which are all-natural and already in the environment! If you’re interested in our artificial grass, feel free to request samples! You can sleep at night knowing that everything is okay for both your family and pets.

Decoturf is an all-weather artificial grass that is used for Landscaping, Sports, Play Grounds, Decoration, Etc. Decoturf is also a lifestyle that saves not only money and precious resources but also allows more free time for our customers for the important things in life, instead of fussing around mowing the lawn on a weekend, our artificial grass is virtually maintenance-free. Not only you will have more free time, but you’ll also save big on fertilizers and water bills.

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