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Sports Grass
We can supply and install Indoor and Outdoor Football & Soccer Fields, Baseball fields, Mini-Golf courses, Tennis courts, and any other sports that need the service of Artificial Grass.
Affordable, Safe, Perfect for Environment
Our synthetic grass is the perfect choice for a wide variety of residential and commercial landscape application
Artificial Grass Turf Philippines
We Care for your Health
We don't use rubber chips that can cause allergic reactions, respiratory irritation and skin/lung cancer.
The only company in the Philippines that supplies Artificial Grass purely made in Korea - no factory in other Countries!
Best Long-Term landscaping Investment
No drainage system needed,
Maintenance free and safety-tested
Big Saving on Installation
Landscaping Grass
Gardens, Balconies, Roof Decks, Poolside, Play Grounds, Wall Decoration, and many more

Artificial Grass Turf Philippines

Landscaping Artificial Grass and Turf in the Philippines

Artificial Grass and Turf: landscaping

Realistic grass feel. Metal-free. Unique-shaped fibers.

Playground Artificial Grass and Turf in the Philippines

Artificial Grass and Turf: Playground

No more cuts and bruise protects children from falls as high as playground equipment, and Eco-friendly: metal-free

Football Grass Artificial Grass and Turf Philippines

Artificial Grass and Turf: Sports

We sell only high quality artificial turfs that meets international standard

Reasons Why Decoturf

Money and Time Saving

Because it’s maintenance-free not like the traditional lawn, it doesn’t require much effort for maintenance such as cutting and watering.

Decoturf Artificial Grass and Turf in the Philippines

Decoturf is safe & reliable. softer, cleaner, and healthier. More Durable and more natural than any other artificial turf on the market.

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